Important Group Exhibitions

1979 Hellenic American Union, From the collection of Vorres Museum, Athens
1983 Gallery ZYGOS, The artists of Gallery Zygos, Athens
1984 Gallery ZYGOS, Diversity, Athens
1985 Gallery ZYGOS, Desserts, Athens
1985 Selection from Museum Vorres Collection, Athens
1986 Gallery ZYGOS, The Greek Fine Arts Today, Athens
1987 Marriott Hotel, Tysons Corner, Greek Contemporary Art, Virginia
1987 Gallery ZYGOS, Elements of the Contemporary Religious Art in Greece, Washington
1987 Minnesota University Five Greek Artists, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1987 Gallery HELIOS, Contemporary Greek Artists, Florida
1988 Six Artists from Gallery Zygos, Athens
1991 Convention Center, International Art Fair, Miami
1995 Gallery ARGO, Religious Themes, Athens
1998 Laurie Regan Chase, San Francisco, California
1999 Amiry Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2005 Gallery TRIGONO, About Art, Athens

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